Canada Programs


Through 2016-2017, IWEN partnered with Kelowna Community Resources (KCR) and the Elizabeth Fry (E. Fry) Society to bring wellness groups to the immigrant women of the Okanagan. 

The first group was facilitated by E. Fry and took the format of a walking group that allowed women to meet, to chat on their walks, to get outside and enjoy exercise and the fresh air. As the weather turned colder, we started meeting over coffee and discussed topics like depression, isolation and immigration.

For the second group we partnered solely with KCR and moved the group to their new office. We hosted weekly topics around self-care. Over the eight weeks, the women enjoyed self-care discussions, a cooking class, walks around downtown Kelowna to discover new local community centres and a yoga class. They were given the opportunity to bond over stories of settling here in Kelowna and given tools to integrate.

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For many years IWEN has sponsored the annual holiday potluck put on by the International Women's Committee (IWC). The event is well attended by a diverse group of women (last year held 47 nationalities all in one room!) It brings the international women of Kelowna a chance to gather and connect over what we bond over best - food! The IWC group also brings in speakers to discuss a local aspect of living in Kelowna, so there is an educational component. It's a beautiful event and we are proud to partner with IWC.


In prior years, IWEN had sponsored the FOODSAFE program for immigrant women, to give them training in a field where they might be able to get a job.