SAVE THE DATE: Volunteer Meet-Up August 30th

We have always wanted to bring together our new and existing volunteers for a mindful meet-up where we can talk scarves, events, and changing the world. So - this August 30th - please join our co-Executive Director, Tamara McLellan, our Volunteer Coordinator, Stephanie Baziuk, and our other volunteers for a short and sweet get together at the beach! Find us at Kinsmen Park, play some games, enjoy a refreshingly cold tea, and meet like-minded people who want to make an impact. Consider this your invite!

Local Charity Hires Co-Executive Directors to Lead Women's Organization

Kelowna, July 6, 2017 - IWEN Canada's Board of Directors has made a bold decision on their future leadership. Following a courageous decision to take the next step within their non-profit organization to hire an Executive Director, the IWEN Canada board unanimously supported the transition of two of their current board members, Vice President Tamara McLellan, and Director of Programs, Kate Phelps, into a shared collaborative Co-Executive Director leadership model.

Unako Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Unako Memorial Scholarship Fund will provide a scholarship to an IWEN student who wishes to continue their studies in the medical field. While in Nepal, a group of IWEN volunteers was working on completion of Unako House. They met Jaypal, Shusma, Susmita and a little girl. The mentally ill mother of these children had left and their alcoholic father was unable to care for them. The little girl did not have a name.